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Central Asia’s first digital political party

Project of the Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan

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About the project

The first digital political party of Kazakhstan

This is the project of the Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan, and regards the strategic development and use of the capabilities of modern technologies for operational management, monitoring activity in the regions, conducting research, as well as creating a party personnel reserve.

What objectives does CPPK solve by means of this project?

Effective management

The project ensures the efficiency of communications between the party and the different regions across Kazakhstan, transparency of staffing decisions, constant feedback and the possibility of operational support from other regions. The system works to create intra-party social elevators.

Education and training

The first digital political party of Kazakhstan organizes continuous high-quality online training, up to training for magistracy. An individual training plan is formed for the personnel reserve according to psychological characteristics. The training system is constantly being developed and updated with new courses.

Monitoring and analytics

The E-party project is based on the study of the needs and problems of the regions, by means of dynamic monitoring and risk mapping. Data analysis is carried out by the party’s analytical center and provides recommendations and data for deputy inquiries on regional problems. The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan conducts its own research in accordance with the goals and objectives of the party.

By the first digital installment, webinars will be available, as well as the ability to vote remotely through a telegram bot, take tests, participate in scientific and sociological research and generate regular reports on work done.

For those who participate in the party’s volunteering projects, surveys and other activities on the platform, bonuses shall be offered to each party member. With the accumulation of a certain number of bonuses, members will gain access to the library, training, and will be able to obtain branded products. Furthermore, with the accumulation of bonuses, party members are given the opportunity to receive training in professional courses on the Citadel.Academy platform, as well as master’s program training, participation in foreign study tours, and enrollment in the party’s personnel reserve.



As an active member of the party, you are able to access webinars, lectures, surveys and tests in accordance with your role in the party through a telegram bot.


Personal control panel for each party member

Each current member of the party has the opportunity to log into their personal account, so as to participate in webinars and surveys, listen to lectures and take tests.


Online party entry form

You can request to join the party. To do so, fill out the form on the party’s website


Party goals

If you have any questions about the goals of the party, you can send
them to us q@eparty.kz

Fair Salaries and the Right to Work

The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan, in its daily work, defends the rights of the people of Kazakhstan to receive fair wages. Our party considers it a priority to create good living conditions for the modest workers, such as producers and farmers, and other workers from the public sector, such as doctors, teachers, and people of science, culture and art.

Dignified old age for Kazakhstanis

Our pension laws are unfair. The state today does not protect Kazakhstani pensioners adequately. The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan insists that the state is obliged to guarantee a decent, comfortable old age for our citizens. Pensions are not a handout, but deferred wages from past labor entrusted to the state for preservation and growth. The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan advocates changing social guarantees for pensioners, changing approaches to the annual indexation of pensions so as to take into account both rising consumer prices and rising wages. Further social stratification and neglect of the pension system is unacceptable

Population Power

The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan defends the right to population control at all levels, the power of the working people and the development of self-administration. The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan advocates a parliamentary type of state through the development and strengthening of civil society institutions, the widespread involvement of the masses in government, and the building of a socialist society.

Social Protection

The economic problems of millions of Kazakhstani families lead to a decrease in living standards, which include a high risk of poverty from when children are born, a high number of divorces, a refusal to give birth to children or adopt orphans to raise a family, an increase in spirituality, yet a reduction of morality, and an increase in crime and violence in society . It is within such conditions that the current generations of Kazakhstanis are living. The interests of children, women and the family is a priority to the Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan.

Environmental safety

The quality of a person’s life depends on the quality of their environment, therefore protecting the environment and natural resources of the country is a vital task for the state, society, and every citizen of Kazakhstan. The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan stands for increasing responsibility towards the negligence of environmental safety standards and the ignorant prioritization of the country’s natural wealth, which threatens the health of present and future generations. It is necessary for business entities to comply with stricter regulations so as to prevent harm to the environment and health of Kazakhstan. We will pay special attention to the protection of water resources of Kazakhstan. We have already achieved significant changes in legislation in the field of ecology and subsoil use, therefore we intend only to strengthen our work in this direction.

Youth policy

The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan advocates the creation of a universal system of youth support and youth initiatives aimed at developing the cultural, educational and athletic potential of our country. All citizens of our country should have equal opportunities to receive free education, quality medical services, purchase affordable housing and realize their creative, scientific and patriotic potential. Realization of these rights will allow each young Kazakhstani to create their own family and raise children in decent conditions.

Affordable housing

The state housing policy in Kazakhstan is a guarantee of social protection for its citizens. The potential of the right for every Kazakhstani to be housed directly influences the strengthening of the institution of the family and the increase in fertility. The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan advocates for transparent access to adequate, safe and affordable housing for all citizens of Kazakhstan. Our party insists on creating a high-quality state system of economic, social and environmental ties between urban, suburban and rural areas on the basis of a transparent system for planning national and regional development, which will be available to the public.

Free education

The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan stands for high-quality free education, including higher education, for all citizens of our country. We consider education as the basic foundation of state security and personal development in the modern information society of today, which is developed on the basis of the knowledge economy. Education is the backbone institution of the state. Investing in quality and affordable education is an investment in the human capital of a country. That is why the solution of problems in the field of education is one of the most important tasks of any modern state.

Science and Culture

The Kazakh government is obliged to change approaches so as to better support science. The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan acknowledges the importance and sees that scientific workers’ rights to decent pay is protected, as well as the simplification of the financing process, reduction of bureaucratic arbitrariness in reporting and the formation of a mentoring institution for young people who want to devote their lives to scientific research.

Inclusive Society

The Constitution of Kazakhstan guarantees equal rights for all citizens. However, in fact, many of our citizens are discriminated against. First of all, we, as a modern society, are obliged to create decent conditions for people with disabilities. To make every Kazakhstan city, region and village comfortable for living in decent conditions and social activity for all its citizens. People with disabilities have the intellectual and creative potential that Kazakhstan needs. It is necessary to create all conditions in order to realize this potential. Every Kazakhstani is dear to us! The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan advocates comprehensive support for our citizens with disabilities, solving, as a matter of priority, the main problems parents face when raising children with disabilities.


The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan stands for the equality of political rights and freedoms of citizens, patriotism, respect for the history and culture, the traditions of our country, equal rights and development of all nations and languages, the unity of the people of Kazakhstan, the education of the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism and humanism, and the objective coverage of history. The Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan advocates recognition of freedom of conscience, the right to profess any religion or not profess any, for separation of religion from the state, for religious tolerance, but control over religious activities by the state.


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